Beth Cox Yoga Teacher

Yoga Swansea Teacher Beth Cox

“I teach personalised yoga to meet the needs of a wide variety of people through individual lessons.  My objective in teaching is to help others gain improvements in health, mobility, fitness and clarity of the mind, through their practice.”

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My One To One Yoga Services

Yoga for Therapy

yoga for therapy

  • Recovery from injury or operation.
  • Manage an existing health condition.
  • Improve physical and mental well-being.

Yoga for Pregnancy

yoga for pregnancy

  • Support at any stage of your pregnancy.
  • Relieve common minor ailments.
  • Prepare body and mind for labour.

Yoga for Beginners

yoga for beginners

  • Clear instructions and explanations.
  • Easy to follow if you have no experience.
  • Lessons set to your pace of learning.

Yoga for Developing Students

yoga for developing students

  • Developing physically and emotionally.
  • Improved self-awareness.
  • Develop clear sense of purpose.



I’m currently offering a free half hour
consultation to anyone interested in yoga.

I’m also offering 10% off 6 sessions booked in advance.

Click here for a full price list.

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Busy Tuesday morning for me, started 1st week of a free yoga course in Clwyd School. Then met students for the group starting next week in Morriston. Followed by a visit to a lady in Port Talbot who has mobility problems, she is super enthusiastic about starting individual lessons with me. Now spending time planning the rest of the week. ... See MoreSee Less

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What to Expect

You will be taught a personal yoga practice, which is designed for your needs, to regularly use at home.

The practice can vary in length, depending on its role and how much time you are able to make available. Typically, I would suggest a practice around 25 minutes to begin with.

During your free yoga consultation we will have an opportunity to discuss your needs, personal goals and ways you can establish a consistent home practice.

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“The ‘one to one’ treatment I received from Beth has been remarkable. The exercises, along with her ‘attention to detail’ has increased the strength and flexibility in my back to such an extent that I am, at the age of 67, able to resume activities that I participated in years ago.

Jenny Cook

“After having my 2 children I looked to yoga for emotional and physical fulfilment. Emotionally it helps me feel calmer and more able to deal with a hectic lifestyle.  Beth’s teaching of this type of yoga has positively affected both my physical and mental well being.”

Emma Owen

“Aged 62, I had never tried Yoga before, but felt it might be useful to keep me generally more flexible as well as aid my shoulder problem. By the end of the one to one sessions I definitely felt an overall improvement in flexibility and had no further recurrence of the shoulder problem.”

Dave Livingstone

“Initially I practiced the exercises I was given and felt pleased that I was able to do them. However when my arthritis flared up, Beth gave me a different type of yoga practice to suit me. This has helped me relax more and there is no strain on my joints.”

Val Harris

“Beth has a relaxed, calm but thorough teaching manner and is always ready to listen and adjust exercises when needed.  I cannot recommend Beth too highly to anyone thinking of starting yoga lessons.”

Lana Bullimore